Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Such and Such present an exhibition of new work by resident artists Alexandra Fiddes, Caroline Cloughley, Charlotte Hannett and David Lemm. Combining work in silver, mixed media and printmaking, the show marks the first birthday of Such and Such studio and the culmination of work produced in the space during the past year.

Alexandra Fiddes
Combining skills in metalwork with a variety of textile techniques, Alexandra’s most recent work explores her fascination with abandoned, decaying urban environments that are slowly being reclaimed by nature. The results are tactile, organic compositions, as if the finished pieces have been grown not made.

Caroline Cloughley
Caroline has a lot of fears; Mottephobia, achluophobia, lepidophobia, demophobia and more she’ll probably uncover. In her new collection she has collaborated with artist David Lemm and uses silver and mixed media to deal with some of them.

Charlotte Hannett
Each of Charlotte’s works are pieces of a larger narrative exploring the way in which we use our surroundings, especially those of a domestic, personal nature, to store the objects and memories that are precious to us. Often using found fragments and patterns as a starting point she alters and rebuilds them to highlight our own fragility.

David Lemm
Working in a variety of mediums, David presents a new body of atmospheric imagery driven by his interest in entropy, distortion and alignment, whilst exploring themes surrounding ambiguity and systems for making sense of reality.

Opening reception 7pm - 9pm, 12 August
Exhibition runs - 11am - 6pm, 13 August - 11 September

Monday, 25 July 2011

8 Tales Of Textiles: Week 4

The last week of the 8 Tales of Textiles exhibition! Work from Achimar Nirunpornputta and Flaviya Kaklygina.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Tales of textiles: Week 3

Here are some photos from the penultimate show from Heriot Watt Fashion and textiles MA students. The weekend saw us taking a closer look at the work of Sushmitha Ilango and Neha Pawar.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

8 Tales Of Textiles: Week 1

Up this week are Kirsten Orme and Linda Wagner.

8 Tales of Textiles: Preview night

Thanks to everyone who popped in for a look on Friday.  The preview event featured a selection of work from all 8 designers who throughout July will be exhibiting their work in pairs. Here's a few photos from the night...