Friday, 20 May 2011


Such and Such present Anomal; an exhibition by recent Duncan of Jordanstone Illustration graduates Al White and Jamie Johnson.

hypnagogic autonomous landscapes, the work will be a collection of both collaborative and individual works using a variety of mediums including printmaking, intricate collages of salvaged material and three dimensional pieces.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Jamie Fitzpatrick - Artist Catch Up (3)

Another artist who took part in our 'Curios' exhibition last year and who has been doing very well of late is Jamie Fitzpatrick! His work was given a double page showcase in the May issue of The Skinny ( and was described as "A kind of mythology brought to life," which we at Such and Such think is very fitting indeed.

Jamie is currently exhibiting with the Hancock Museum in Newcastle and Shoreditch Town Hall in London.

See a selection of his new work here

Monday, 9 May 2011

Natalie Ryde - Artist Catch Up (2)

Another artist with some exciting news is Natalie Ryde (who by the way, currently has a few jewellery pieces in the studio) as she has been chosen as the new Kensington Palace artist in residence! This residency will run until September.

Find out more at  and check out Natalie's other news at

Jessica Harrison - Artist Catch Up!

Remember our 'Curios' exhibition which (amongst others) featured the beautiful but macabre ceramic sculptures by artist Jessica Harrison?

We have heard whispers that after the 'Broken' series was launched onto her online shop, she sold out of the whole lot (refresh your memory here ) - woop woop - well done!

However, if you're quick you might still be able to get a hold of a limited edition print from her online shop

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Men at work

We're making some changes in Such and Such just now. (Well, Dave and his dad are!)

Will let you know as soon as we're done and you can all come and admire our brand spanking new, bespoke walls. That's right, walls! It's exciting for us, at least.

Big thank you to Dave and his dad for all the hard work. Here are some photies of the happy workers, tea and biscuits not featured.